Boasting brand SaigonTV – Our team of experienced and innovative strengths in areas such as:

  • Production of television programs: News, Reporting, talk show, memoir, documentary, drama etc..
  • Advertising film production, TVC, Viral-demand partner.
  • And livestream event organized according to customer requirements.
  • Journalism training, TV.
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  • Born in 2015, SaigonTV operate with the principle of "Cooperation for Development" and “Want to go quickly, go alone, want to go far go together”. SaigonTV incessantly striving to become the sustainable development.
  • To meet the needs of the media market are harsh. The fact that innovative content SaigonTV, training of personnel, investment in equipment, improved technology to produce quality products at the most, the most effective.
  • SaigonTV proud to be a trustworthy partner of many media agencies, businesses across the country. We produce more 30 TV programs on channels like: VTV2, VTV8, VTV9, HTV7, HTV9, THVL1, THVL2, THTPCT, LA34, STV1 vv
  • In year 2019 and the next year, SaigonTV continue to innovate to create television programs fit, meet the tastes of the audience growing and increasingly demanding requirements of our partners.
  • SaigonTV will help increase revenue and meet the highest requirements for customers and partners.

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The bride threw wedding flowers in the middle of the street and PHA SHOULD make the girl almost ‘go underground’

The husband who saved his wife was kidnapped and was charged with the crime of ‘KILLER’ whether it is satisfactory

Throw ‘gas bomb’ go to a neighbor's house because karaoke is noisy

Miss Vietnam 2020 referred to as ‘COPY’ by Miss Truong Tu Lam

Close-up and clear clip of the suspect ‘DARK STONE’ catch 3 hostage in Thu Duc

The past ‘NOT BEAUTIFUL’ Miss Vietnam was 'TRAINED' by netizens’

The beautiful act of the girl when the car gives way to the 'Rain of the Heart'’

Domestic wastewater treatment system, the MOST trend of the cities

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Little boys falling from the floor 8 tragic ground, Mother crying choked out late

Preschoolers are neglected in the toilet: Move the homeroom teacher down to the kitchen

The girl was 'TRAINED'’ 3 meters posted annoying forums because netizens criticized their appearance

The woman ‘escaped death’ narrowly thanks to extremely fast reflexes

All the showbiz

Thuy Tien apologized to the head of Hai Lang village, but the antifan still said ‘NOT SATISFIED’

Dieu Nhi, Trinh Thang Binh told the story of filming SUMMER gameshow in Korea

Thuy Tien ‘LOCK ON’ because homesick, Post a state of mind in the middle of the night

Binz and Rhymastic FORGET TO Bai while performing their own songs composing

Ironically, Thuy Tien was wearing TRIEU clothes for relief, Female MC was harshly criticized

Tran Thanh GUC XUC condemns the person who wants ‘LOVER LOI’ from the donation of life jackets to aid Central Vietnam

H’Hen Niê ‘THINKING’ for being said selfishly after supporting 50 million for the people of Central Vietnam

Huong Giang, Ngoc Trinh expresses the benevolent point of view for people in flooded areas in Central Vietnam

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Ly Hai - Minh Ha was upset about the information of WRONG when they went to the Central region

Hoai Linh replied ‘profoundly’ when compared to Thuy Tien in terms of donations

Thuy Tien returned to Saigon, show feet ‘HIGHLIGHTS’ After many days of wading, it hurts

Hoa Minzy was angry 'STAGED' by the people’ car glass tank when on the way to take the woman to the hospital in the flood zone