Boasting brand SaigonTV – Our team of experienced and innovative strengths in areas such as:

  • Production of television programs: News, Reporting, talk show, memoir, documentary, drama etc..
  • Advertising film production, TVC, Viral-demand partner.
  • And livestream event organized according to customer requirements.
  • Journalism training, TV.
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  • Born in 2015, SaigonTV operate with the principle of "Cooperation for Development" and “Want to go quickly, go alone, want to go far go together”. SaigonTV incessantly striving to become the sustainable development.
  • To meet the needs of the media market are harsh. The fact that innovative content SaigonTV, training of personnel, investment in equipment, improved technology to produce quality products at the most, the most effective.
  • SaigonTV proud to be a trustworthy partner of many media agencies, businesses across the country. We produce more 30 TV programs on channels like: VTV2, VTV8, VTV9, HTV7, HTV9, THVL1, THVL2, THTPCT, LA34, STV1 vv
  • In year 2019 and the next year, SaigonTV continue to innovate to create television programs fit, meet the tastes of the audience growing and increasingly demanding requirements of our partners.
  • SaigonTV will help increase revenue and meet the highest requirements for customers and partners.

“SaigonTV – Creative differences”





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Nham Hoang Khang once made artists have to 'DAO DAO'’ before 'CANCER'’

A series of Vietnamese artists OFFICIALLY filed a 'Claim'’ Dai Nam's landlady

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Manager Phi Nhung shared the OFFICIAL REASON for the female singer's 'BACK of COVID'’

'Madam Dai Nam'’ want to 'FORCET ALL ASSETS'’ by Dam Vinh Hung

My Tam's SPEAKING on charity causes fever again, MXH immediately thinks of Dam Vinh Hung

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