1. The purpose of the event Livestream
  • Save the beautiful moments of the event
  • Create beautiful image source for newspaper advertising activities, facebook.
  • Direct access to many of the events taking place.
  1. Livestream event where?
  • At check in area
  • Area event
  • Livestream scripted programs
  1. Livestream event equipment
  • Professional camcorders
  • Flycam live directly attached device
  1. SaigonTV committed what?
  • Full HD picture quality 1920 x 1080.
  • Service standards for marketing activities on the Press, Facebook. and other media.
  • Sticking to the script program.
  • Good price, quality assurance.
  • All services are strictly censored, the maximum to avoid mistakes.
  1. What advantage SaigonTV?
  • Owning a staff and enthusiastic leadership, solid expertise.
  • Experience in organizing many events large and small across the country.

Livestream Events